by Sarah & the Safe Word

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released February 6, 2016

Sarah Rose - vocals
Kienan Dietrich - guitar, vocals, keys, harmonica
Brandon Ward - bass

Percussion and additional keys performed by Dan Wilson.
Guest melodica solo on "The Supernova" performed by Joe Dolan.

Produced, engineered, mixed by Lee Jennings.

Mastered by George Sideris.

All lyrics written by Sarah Rose and Kienan Dietrich. All music by Sarah and the Safe Word.

Album art by Emmett Helen.

Special thanks to Sean Hussey.

"To love and win is the best thing. To love and lose, the next best."
- William Makepeace Thackeray


all rights reserved



Sarah & the Safe Word Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Don't Ask Questions
"You thought you were mighty wise,
with your cheating heart
and your little white lies.
But I'm all through crying over you!"

This dinner table is set for silence and for two
I sharpen the cutlery we rarely ever use
It's so hard being caught off guard by all the things you do
You think by now that I'd be used to, I'd be used to you

Sometimes I still wonder why
you would choose this life,
rolling in your dirty, dirty lies.
But why am I surprised
when the bullshit multiplies?
It's better if I don't ask questions.

I pass the salt you s-s-shake it in my wounds.
There's such a chill spreading
in the room.
Stronger love, it would live
through an evening such as this
but you're so vain you think this song's about you
and it is.

And now you're six feet under ground.
You won't make a sound.
You won't spread your filthy shit around.
And you may wonder why
I would use this knife.
It's better if you don't ask questions.
Track Name: The Supernova
The supernova in my bedroom,
the supernova in my bedroom
has swelled up to such gargantuan size
that I can no longer act surprised

Its gravity is inescapable
Its gravity is inescapable
I’ve tried and tried and tried and tried and tried
But it’s a part of me that I can’t hide

Hey there, sister, see me bright among the stars
You can twist my words any other way
Go on and tell my ex-lovers, their mistresses and mothers
that I’m off to outer space
that I’m off to outer space

They want someone to save the universe
They say, oh someone save the universe
But the universe won’t save itself for me
I’ll try my best not to fuck the galaxy

I’ll be writing you a postcard
from the center of the sun
sending out my love and hate
to each and everyone
Track Name: Lucinda Walsh
I fell in love with a
shadow stitched up to a boy
I couldn't reconcile his smile
with the things he would destroy
He had a flickering of flame
from the dust behind his eyes
He carried me through clouds
and dropped me into empty skies

Ever creeping,
always sneaking round the corner
Locking doors behind me
after I walk through
Tracked your trail
chasing tail, I'm getting warmer
Closer to the truth,
far away from you

I tried to keep your light
from fading out

I'm scared the darkest side of you
is the only side of you
I ever knew, ever knew
I'm scared the darkest side of you
is the only side of you
I ever knew, ever knew

I'm not sleeping,
hear your breathing in the next room
I know you're not alone

I tried to keep your light
from fading out,
but running to the night
won't save you now.
Track Name: Gone Like a Ghost
The girl, she passed away on boxing day. She tried
to sell her life away the night before she died.
The price she paid was way too high to be a bride.
The congregation never saw her wearing white.

Caught in the act, but I won't be caught dead.
Give it up, give it up trying to make it out alive.

Your whispers over the water.
You're gone, gone, gone like a ghost.
Never mother, only daughter.
She knows, she knows, she knows, she knows.

The girl was buried in a shallow grave, the town
could barely spare the space to put her in the ground.
The church was built on empty prayer and precious stones,
bought and sold by barons who stole everything they owned.

The town was washed away by floods in 64.
The river disregards the graves of rich and poor.
The water washed away their bodies to the moor,
and brought together all the bankers and the whores.
Track Name: Love Come Again
I dare you to look me in the eyes
and tell me that we tried our best.
It's times like this that I guess I really miss you,
and wonder how you are out west.

Nashville feels nearly far as Saturn
and I'm fucked up on a hotel floor.
It kills me that you'll never even know this,
but my heart isn't half as smart as yours.

Someday love will come again.

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